About Us

Our mission is to provide innovative, play-to-earn games on XRPL, where users can have fun while earning our $JUMBO Tokens.

Flying Jumbo is a play-to-earn game in which the player takes control of the Jumbo and tries to gather as many gold coins as possible. The more gold coins player collects, the more JUMBO tokens player will get.

Our native cryptocurrency, $JUMBO token, will be used in all of our games. The supply of $JUMBO token is limited. The total supply of $JUMBO is 10B. The token can be used for a variety of purposes such as receiving reward, paying to play and changing character skins in Flying Jumbo game, or for trading on different exchanges.

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Plan for tokenomics

Game Development10%
Airdrop (Distribute in 3 months, 7% each month)21%
Listing on Exchanges10%
Advisors & Partners2%
Team (Lock for 6 months)7%
Game & Earning Reward40%
Public Sale3%

Airdrop Information

Airdrop Distribution Date

  • Jun 05 - 7% Total Supply
  • Jul 05 - 7% Total Supply
  • Aug 05 - 7% Total Supply

Airdrop Requirements

  • Click here to add JUMBO Trustline.
  • Connect your wallet to Flying Jumbo game to be eligible for the AD( Click here ).

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